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Poet, writer, teacher

At Home in the Dark (Anvil, 2001)


‘Beneath the poetry’s cool poise there is a disturbing undertow … another of the book’s strengths lies in its lucidly detached perspective, which Stoddart maintains without compromising the emotional complexity of her subjects, and her range is impressive. The maturity and sophistication of this as a first collection makes for a most enjoyable and illuminating read.’


‘The book has a tone of charged anticipation and rites of passage … In its mix of dramatic poise and control, Stoddart’s writing is cool enough to warm the heart of any creature.’

                                                                        David Wheatley, Times Literary Supplement


 ‘Her poems display a pleasing fusion of intelligence and sensuous perception with the knack of finding the right rhythmic pattern to convey it’                  

                                                                        Vernon Scannell, Sunday Telegraph


‘Stoddart demonstrates an impressive handling of tone and phrasing, bringing a cool, appraising eye even to subjects such as making love in front of a full-length mirror. An impressive debut by a young poet who has already attracted a lot of interest’

                                                                        Robert Potts, The Guardian


At Home in the Dark’ is a fine debut collection from a poet of huge promise’

                                                                        Adam Newey, New Statesman



Salvation Jane (Anvil, 2008)


‘Honest, observant poems from a collection which is both wonderfully unsettling and deeply life-affirming.’
                                                                        (Costa Book Award Judges 2008)


‘As a poet, Stoddart is not in the business of offering solutions; the closest she comes to doing so is obliquely, through the bright snap of the language in which she presents her dilemmas, the irresistible clarity of images so right they deliver an almost physical connection, joining poem and reader … This is a collection that thrives not on solutions, but on endless, boundless possibilities.
                                                                        (Sarah Crown, The Guardian, 2008)



‘These unnerving poems do not contemplate strangeness as much as embody it.’
                                                            (Stephen Knight, Times Literary Supplement, 2009)



‘It is remarkable to find a collection so good that it takes the words out of your mouth - Salvation Jane captures the past with an elegance (one) can only dream of.’
                                                                        (Helen Mort, Poetry
London, 2009)



Praise for Alive Alive O (Bloodaxe 2015)


‘Colloquial, faintly unruly, the poems travel light on adventures of consciousness, channelling the energies of a big, agnostic imagination into new forms.’

                                                                        Poetry Review


‘A book that’s moving, not only in its determination to do plain-spoken justice to the lives of the dearly departed, but in its willingness to embrace all the possibilities and joys that life has to offer’



 ‘an exploration of grief that is both pensively elegiac and electrifyingly alive’



‘What I like best is when sight, sound, and sense combine so perfectly that I cannot imagine them put together any other way. Of the four poets here, Greta Stoddart achieves those moments most often.’

                                                                         Manhattan Review


Alive Alive O is a compelling book, defiant in the face of life’s losses.’

                                                                        The TLS