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Poet, writer, teacher

Greta Stoddart was born in 1966 in Oxfordshire. She grew up in Belgium and Oxford before going on to study Drama at Manchester University, then at the Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. There she co-founded the theatre company Brouhaha and for five years toured UK, Europe and South America.

Greta has published 3 books of poems:

At Home in the Dark (Anvil 2001)
Salvation Jane (Anvil 2008)
Alive Alive O (Bloodaxe 2015)

Her most recent work, Who’s there?,  inspired by a care home for people with dementia, is an interweaving of word, sound and music, and is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 16th April and 22nd April, 2017.

Photo by Julia Mear